Experience the Essence of Comfort: Redefining Bathing for Life Changes

Comfort Designs comes from a rich heritage, tracing its origins to the esteemed legacy of Aquarius Bathware. Aquarius, a pioneer in the industry, produced the inaugural ANSI-compliant accessible shower and tub shower, with design insights from Ron Mace, AIA, a prominent advocate for universal design and accessibility. Established in 1999, Comfort Designs shifted its focus to cater specifically to senior living and aging in place. This transformation involved combining essential expertise with an unwavering commitment, ensuring the delivery of optimal solutions to meet your unique needs.

Life Evolves, so Make Your Bathroom a Pampering Haven

As part of its commitment to assisting the elderly, Comfort Designs listens closely to the community and understands what fixtures are required for assisted living. Caregiver and resident needs are equally important. Taking a bath in memory care presents unique challenges. This is why Comfort Designs showers are designed to address these challenges. The units we offer allow the patient to gradually hand over control and autonomy to the caregiver.

Product Features

30-Year Commercial Warranty

The industry's most comprehensive 30-year warranty.

Easy to Clean

Invest in easy-to-clean, maintain and repair products for long-term benefits.

SureGrip™ Textured Floor

SureGrip™ is an advanced anti-slip textured flooring technology, it's designed to eliminate any risks of slipping and create a safer environment.

Designer Finish Color Selections

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere by choosing from various designs and a lively color palette.


Independent Living

Senior living “Independent” units combine all the advantages of community living with the privacy of a stand-alone home. Residents can remain independent at home, remain active, and maintain a balanced social life in a comfortable and familiar living environment.

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Introducing Sollus ProTrench by Comfort Designs – a high-performance shower base for ADA code compliant shower spaces. It features a stainless steel trench drain with quick connect HyperTrench grate technology and a low threshold entrance.


Asura Trench Drain is a smart, code compliant, functional bathing solution that accommodates seniors, healthcare patients, and student housing with its integral trench drain and threshold-free shower system.

Solid Surface

Comfort Designs offers a range of multi-piece units that are accessible, durable, and designed to meet the expectations of both commercial and home renovations.

Explore Our Non-Code Accessible Product Offering

Tub Showers

Tub showers are a versatile option that combines the traditional stand-up shower with the ability to enjoy a relaxing soak. They offer the best of both worlds - a shower's convenience and a bathtub's therapeutic benefits.

Shower Bases

Our shower bases offer a variety of models, including barrier-free and low-threshold options to accommodate different users.


Active adults prefer stand-up showers with low entry thresholds and seating for safety and comfort.

Consider Adding Accessories to Further Reduce the Risk of Falls!

Add shower seats, grab bars, soap dishes, handheld shower assemblies, curtains, and shower rods to your shower setup.

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