Different generational groups have different priorities for their bathrooms. And Prime Timers want their bathrooms to help them stay where they are. Prime Timers have carried on remodeling their bathrooms throughout the recession. They aim to create a space where they can relax, an environment they can adjust as their health needs and dexterity change.

A Prime Timer’s bathroom is often on the ground floor or at least a single level. According to Livable Communities, 82% of Americans over the age of 65, have a full bathroom on the main floor of their homes. A similar proportion either has a bedroom or a room that could become a bedroom, on the main floor.

Getting the lighting right is also important for Prime Timers. Positioning switches and outlets for easy reach is one step towards making things safer and more convenient. It is also worth thinking about what the lighting is for. For example, positioning lights on either sides of a mirror, rather than above, will make the face easier to see, illuminating the shadow under the chin that makes shaving difficult and grey hair hard to see.

Overall, Prime Timers want somewhere safe, adaptable, and accessible. And they want somewhere comfortable and, of course, stylish. What do you take into consideration when designing or providing bathrooms for Prime Timers?

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