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Innovative Bathroom Solutions for Every Sector

At IMI, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality Cultured Marble Subway Tile Shower Surrounds that meet the diverse needs of the multi-family, hospitality, and student housing sectors. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our extensive industry experience, ensures that you receive products that are beautiful and built to last.

Enhancing Durability and Appeal in the Multi-Family Housing Sector

Transform your multi-family housing units with the sophisticated appeal and timeless elegance of IMI’s subway tile shower surrounds. IMI’s Cultured Marble products are engineered to withstand the daily rigors of multi-family living, are scratch-resistant, non-porous, and resistant to mold and mildew, ensuring long-lasting beauty and minimal maintenance. Cultured Marble is an investment that pays off in tenant satisfaction and reduced upkeep. IMI’s subway tile shower surrounds are designed for quick and straightforward installation, minimizing downtime and disruptions for your residents.

Elevating Guest Experience and Luxurious Comfort in the Hospitality Sector

Enhance your guests’ experience with the luxurious feel of Cultured Marble subway tile shower surrounds. IMI’s products are perfect for hotels, resorts, and other hospitality venues looking to impress. Create an upscale ambiance in your bathrooms with Cultured Marble’s rich, polished finish, giving guests a memorable experience.

The non-porous surface prevents mold, mildew, and bacterial residue buildup, making it easy to maintain a pristine and hygienic bathroom environment. Designed to endure the high usage typical in the hospitality sector, our Cultured Marble subway tile surrounds remain beautiful and intact, even with frequent guest turnover. Choose from various colors and finishes to match your brand’s aesthetic and create a cohesive, inviting atmosphere throughout your property.

Combining Practicality and Modern Design in the Student Housing Sector

Provide students with stylish, functional, and low-maintenance bathrooms that withstand the demands of student life. IMI’s subway tile shower surrounds are built to endure the wear and tear of student living. They are highly durable and resistant to damage, ensuring longevity even in high-use environments. Simplify cleaning routines with our easy-to-clean, non-porous surfaces. Students and maintenance staff will appreciate the convenience and hygiene benefits.

Modern design appeals to the aesthetic preferences of today’s students with contemporary subway tile designs that add a touch of sophistication to student housing facilities. Benefit from a cost-effective solution that combines high durability with an attractive price point, ideal for budget-conscious student housing projects.

Enhance Your Shower Space with IMI's Cultured Marble Subway Tile Shower Surrounds

3" x 6" Subway Tile with Herringbone Inlay Wall Surround Cast Marble

Transform your space with our elegant 3″ x 6″ Subway Tile with Herringbone Inlay Wall Surround Cast Marble. This exquisite design combines classic subway tiles with a modern herringbone pattern, creating a stunning visual impact.

3" x 6" Textured Vision Panel System

IMI’s Textured Vision Panel System brings a fresh, contemporary aesthetic to any commercial shower space with its staggered brick pattern. Each panel measures 3″ x 6″ (8cm x 15cm), offering a visually striking, yet sophisticated design that enhances the architectural beauty of your environment. The elegant matte finish provides a sleek, contemporary look, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your interior design.

6" X 24" Textured Wall Surround Cast Marble

IMI’s 6″ x 24″ Textured Wall Surround Cast Marble is the ultimate solution for luxurious, durable shower wall coverings. The textured surface and elegant matte finish provide a sophisticated, contemporary aesthetic. With a maximum height of up to 96″ and a back wall width of up to 61 1/2″, plus side walls reaching up to 36″ wide, our wall surrounds are designed to fit a variety of commercial spaces perfectly, ensuring a seamless and tailored look.
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